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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is NEC doing this survey?

Broadband services are an expensive investment for NEC. This survey will help us know how interested you are and if this is an investment that will help improve our services for you. 

Why is NEC considering offering broadband?

Along with many rural electric cooperatives across the United States, we are considering using fiber within their service territories. Fiber has the ability to provide members with more reliable internet service. Our potential expansion into fiber internet service isn’t about increasing our bottom line. It’s about building and strengthening our community. NEC belongs to our members — it always has and always will.

Where can I obtain more information on the type of internet service NEC would be offering?

If and when it becomes available, you can visit our website,, to show your interest in having high-speed fiber internet in your neighborhood.

When does NEC expect to begin offering internet service?

We continue to research and develop financial models that will help guide us in this decision. At this time, we do not have a clear vision of what this decision will be, or when it will occur. If a decision is made by the NEC’s Board of Directors, our broadband service would be available in select areas to start. As a fiber build-out would take several years, we would remain committed to expanding this quality of life-enhancing service to your home or business.